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Publications on bausparen and related subjects:

Dr. Juri Schudrowitz: ."Savings in times of lowest interest rates – savings culture at stake? Some thoughts on the present and future of savings" . This article was published in the OEE Newsletter of March 2015.

The presentations of the XVIII European Congress of the EFBS in Budapest in October 2016 are available here.

The presentations of the Joint Congress of the IUHF and the EFBS in Vienna in June 2013 are available here.

The presentations of the Joint Congress of the UNECE and the EFBS in Munich in September 2010 are available here.

The study "A European Internal Market for Housing Finance" was prepared by Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln (IW) in cooperation with Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung Mannheim (ZEW) and Prof. Dr. Johannes Köndgen of the University of Bonn. For a summary of the study, please click here.

The UNECE study on "Housing Finance Systems for Countries in Transition - Principles and Examples" was published already in 2005. However, the housing market downturn and subsequent financial market crisis in the United States has brought about the necessity for a critical reflection on the US housing finance system. This is to be found in the newly included chapter "The subprime mortgage crisis and its consequences" on pages 39 to 41. For the complete updated study please click here.

H.-J. Dübel: "Bausparen – the missing piece in the U.S. housing finance reform debate" (PDF)

S. Zschörper: "Bausparen – a safe way to home ownership" (PDF)

H.-J. Dübel: "The U.S. mortgage market’s crisis" – abstract (PDF)


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