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The Association of Private Bausparkassen, located in Berlin, is one of the oldest German associations, re-founded after World War II and even before the foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany. The association currently represents the interests of all 12 private German Bausparkassen. They have contributed to the rehabilitation of Eastern Germany to a significant extend and have expanded to almost all major Eastern European countries since the early 1990s. Due to the impressive success of the Bauspar system in the countries where it has been established, the association is expecting an increasing interest in the system, especially from developing countries and countries in transition.

Key figures of Bausparen in Germany 2015

Bauspar contracts Private Bausparkassen All German Bausparkassen
Number of contracts in inventory 19.0 million 29.6 million
Bauspar sum in inventory 587.5 billion EUR 876.3 billion EUR
Number of new contracts 1.7 million 2.7 million
Bauspar sum of new contracts 63.3 billion EUR 99.4 billion EUR
Paying out for housing
28.0 billion EUR 36.9 billion EUR
New deposits 18.3 billion EUR 27.8 billion EUR


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