Bausparen worldwide

In contrast to other savings models which only exist in individual countries, bausparen has long since established itself in Europe. Every fourth Member State of the European Union is a bauspar country.

After the fall of the Iron Curtain, several countries in Central and Eastern Europe soon opted for a bauspar system along German/Austrian-lines to set up a sustainable housing finance system which is accessible to broad sections of the population. Bauspar systems are also found outside of Europe.

Dedicated bausparkassen laws exist in:

  • Germany (1885),
  • Austria (1925),
  • Slovakia (1992),
  • Czech Republic (1993),
  • Hungary (1997),
  • Romania (2004),
  • Croatia (1998) and
  • Kazakhstan (2003)

In addition, bauspar contracts have been offered for a long time in Luxembourg and China (since 2004) without a specific bausparkassen law.